How to Turn off Write Protect on a Flash Drive

by Chris YokumUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Flash drive

  • USB port

  • Computer

Flash drives are extremely convenient because you can easily carry important files with you. Instead of having to take your laptop or desktop computer with you everywhere, just stick one of these in your pocket for easy transport. However, there are times when you run into issues with flash drives and need a quick way to correct them. The write protect feature on a flash drive is a great way to prevent unwanted changes, but it is not always necessary to have this feature on. With a few suggestions, you'll learn how to turn off the write protect on a flash drive.

Insert your chosen flash drive into an available USB port. It is best if you connect it directly to a desktop or laptop computer and not a USB hub. Some hubs make it difficult for the flash drive to work properly. On some occasions the device will be easily accessed, but then it will go into a disconnected state. Since USB hubs are a little temperamental, consider connecting the flash drive to the original source.

Click the “Start” menu on your computer and then look for the “My computer” section. Sometimes this icon can be found on the computer desktop. If it does, then just select it from that area instead. Once you open this section, you'll be able to see several icons that represent devices connected to your computer and your computer's hard drive.

Select the “Removable Disk” icon in the “My computer” area. Sometimes it is represented by the letter “E," but this mainly depends on your computer system and how many other devices you already have connected to your computer system. No matter what letter your removable drive is represented by, you'll be able to identify it.

Locate the disk manager program that came with your flash drive. Most flash drives have this default program included with their installed software applications. It will allow you to create certain settings and properties for the flash drive, instead of just the default. With the disk manager program, you can cause the flash drive to behave in a certain manner every time you plug it into a computer system.

Find the option that allows you to turn off the write protect feature. Sometimes it will not be worded this way, but it will still be similar in text. Most flash drives have a write protect feature that can be easily turned on and off. When this feature is turned on, it will stop unwanted applications, programs, or files from being added to the existing flash drive. On rare occasions, there will be a physical switch with the picture of a lock on it. If this is the case, then switch it to different positions to lock and unlock the feature.

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