How to Block a Harassing Call

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Harassing phone calls are annoying, and at times threatening. It's easier to block harassing calls on a home phone than it is a cell phone. This is because cell phone companies make money from calls coming into your cell phone, while regular phone companies charge a monthly fee for services, no matter how much you talk.

Block Calls From a Home Phone

Call the phone company and discuss different options you have for blocking harassing phone calls. Most services require a fee, but if you're having a problem with only one caller, they may offer you a temporary service for free.

Try an inbound call blocker, which makes any caller input a code before the call is forwarded to you. The downside to this option is that you must give the code to every person you want to talk to, which means you can miss important calls from businesses or doctors if they don't have the code.

Put a call screen on your phone, which is a service that rejects certain phone numbers. The caller hears a recording telling them you are rejecting their call. This service works for anonymous phone numbers by allowing you to block the number of the last person who called, too.

Activate a call rejection service on your phone line, which blocks all incoming calls where the number is hidden. The caller must disclose the number before they are rung through. A harasser can get through this service by using a pay phone, but most give up if they can't get through on their regular line.

Block Calls From a Cell Phone

Read through your cell phone manual and learn about all the call blocking options your phone has. Play around with your phone until you've figured out all the ways you can block calls.

Turn off your text messaging option, if the harassing calls are in the form of texts rather than actual calls.

Send all your calls straight to voice mail for a few days. Check your voice mail every few hours and delete any messages from numbers you don't recognize, or from the number of the harassing caller.

Buy a cell call blocker service. These services let you block unwanted calls, anonymous calls and even whole area codes from your cell phone. This option is good if you've tried to block harassing calls from your cell phone with no success.


Every phone company has different names for the phone blocking services available. Explain to the phone company what you need, and they'll give you all the available options.

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