How to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

If you want to detect hidden microphones and cameras then you will have to learn some techniques to identify these bugs. People can place hidden microphones and cameras in almost any place, and they can watch and listen to your every move. If you think your phone line or home is bugged, then learn how to detect hidden cameras and microphones.

Perform a search in the room you think is bugged with cameras or microphones. Be detailed and focused and look in places you wouldn't normally suspect such as behind paintings, in plants or behind mirrors. Sometimes people will even use clothing or accessories, like a baseball cap, to plant a camera or microphone.

Check other potential hiding places as well. Cameras and microphones also can be hidden in ceilings or next to light fixtures. Other electronic devices like CDs, VCRs and alarm clocks can also be fitted with hidden surveillance equipment by experienced .

Turn off all the lights in the room and look out for tiny lights that might be green or red. Wait until your eyes get adjusted to the darkness before you begin your detailed search.

Check the room for wires. If you find any wires that do not attach to something or an outlet, then it is possible it is attached to a camera or microphone. However, be aware that wireless technology is also quite common now.

Keep your ears open. Turn off anything that might make noise or distract you. Walk into the room and listen for any buzzing, clicks or movement. Microphones and cameras tend to make little noises as they listen or watch you.

Buy a detector. You can buy a bug detector is you truly think someone is trying watch or listen to your every move. This product will detect any other device in the room and lead you right to it.


Think about where you would hide a camera or microphone, then search that spot as well.

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