How to Use Biotics in Mass Effect

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Mass Effect is a game that's "blurring the lines between an action game, a role-playing adventure and an epic space saga." Within the game, you're able to choose and achieve biotics. Biotics are "powers that are accessed and augmented by using bio-amps, or users thereof" and "the effects are produced through biological manipulation of dark energy." Read this eHow to learn more.

Create a custom "Shepard," the main character in Mass Effect. When you create this character, go through the different classes that are available and choose a class that has biotic abilities. The classes are Vanguards, Adepts or Sentinels. Each class allows you different ways of using biotics and playing Mass Effect. As you play the game, you'll gain different achievements, including different biotics.

Choose the available biotic and tech powers by pressing the shoulder button on the right, and push the left thumb stick to go through the different powers. After you're done, target any enemies by using your right thumb stick, then click "A." Repeat the process for three members of the squad. Only when you're done, release the right shoulder button.

Play Mass Effect as a shooter by choosing full biotics in the soldier/vanguard mode. From there, decide what biotic you wish to use, and play the game.

Earn achievements that will gain unlockables using the character Shepard. With the unlockables, you gain more biotics that give you more abilities.

Gain other unlockables by starting a new game and create another custom "Shepard." This enables you to choose different biotics and tech abilities that help you play Mass Effect.

Use biotics to raise shields that will protect you as Shepard, but will allow you to shoot at your enemies, create votexes that will allow your throw things at your enemies or even throwing your enemies about.

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