How to Record on a Laptop

by eHow Computers Editor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Recording device and software

  • Mixing software

How to Record on a Laptop. Your laptop computer can be just what you need to record movies and music for your own personal use or even to set up a professional recording studio in your home. Since most recording equipment in your home is likely compact and portable, the laptop will fit right in.

Make sure the laptop has a good processor and plenty of memory space and RAM. A slower computer won't be able to play or record fast enough for you.

Store most of your recording equipment together on the same shelf or in the same box. This way, everything will be easily accessible when needed.

Keep the laptop's battery charged. The laptop's biggest advantage is not being constrained by power outlet locations--but only if the battery is kept charged so it's at full power when you start the laptop.

Install the right recording software into your laptop. Recording devices like digital cameras and MP3 players should include software. You'll also need mixing software like Vegas or Sound Forge.

Connect the recording hardware--like cameras, CD/DVD burners and MP3 players/recorders--to the laptop. These should all have basic USB connections for recording in the digital age.

Record and create your movies and music like a big-time studio. If everything is in place, you can save your audio and video files and cut, paste and mix as you see fit.

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