How to Create a Game Show

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

You're so bored with the shows that you've seen this season that you just might decide that you could create a better game show than what you've seen so far. If you have a good idea, you might even just get picked up by the networks. Read on to learn how to create a game show.

Decide what type of game show you want. Some game shows involve mental prowess and require the participant to answer questions. Some game shows involve physical strength or endurance. Some are just games of luck.

List how many contestants can play at a time. When you create a game show, sometimes the contestant plays against the house for a prize, such as answering questions for money. Some shows' contestants compete against each other and the winner of the competition gets the prize.

Identify the type of prizes that you want to give away, just as cash or large ticket items. You need to list whether the contestants each have one chance at one prize or multiple chances to increase the prize that they can win.

Create a game show that is popular with a specific segment of society by choosing your demographics for the show. Brainiacs love the question and answer shows. Teenagers love shows that involve popular music. Games of chance shows that require no specific knowledge or physical challenge appeal to a broad audience.

Put the concept on paper. Describe everything about the game show. If you have an idea for the host, include that, particularly if that host has been used before by that station, but currently isn't working. Many times the producers love a particular host and want to use her if the right show is developed. Create a typical script for the show.

Pick the television station that gets the concept and find the appropriate contact. Every television station has a website that lists names of different members, including show producers. When you create a game show, you may have to send it to several places to get any response. Make sure you change any information that is station specific if you send it on to others.


If you create a game show that you really believe in, don't give up. Keep sending it in until you're successful. Listen to criticism and adjust the prototype, if the criticism is valid.

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