How to Add a Profile Picture to Netflix

By LaDonna Hadley

Updated September 22, 2017

Add a profile picture to your Netflix account by connecting to Facebook.

After you log in to Netflix, select Your Account from the drop-down menu under your current profile picture.

i Image courtesy of Netflix

In the My Profile menu, select Social Settings.

i Image courtesy of Netflix

From the Social Settings page, choose Connect.

i Image courtesy of Netflix

In the pop-up window, log in with Facebook by clicking Okay.

i Image courtesy of Netflix

A confirmation page shows that you have connected your Netflix account to Facebook. Your profile picture updates and displays the same picture as your Facebook profile picture. Remove the picture at any time by selecting Disconnect from the Social Settings page.

i Image courtesy of Netflix


The picture is connected to your Facebook profile picture. To change the picture as it appears in Netflix, change your profile picture in Facebook or Disconnect to revert back to the default avatar.