How to Play "Super Mario Galaxy" in Two-Player Co-Star Mode

By James Holloway

Updated September 22, 2017

The two-player mode in "Super Mario Galaxy" is a little different from two-player modes in other games. Rather than having two characters on the screen or allowing two players to alternate, Co-Star Mode puts the second player in control of a second star pointer that can pick up Star Bits, stun enemies and more.

Getting Started

To start a two-player game, simply start up "Super Mario Galaxy" with two Wii remotes active. You can start a new game or continue an existing one, even if you were previously playing on single player. In the file selection menu, you'll see a small gold star on the lower right side of the screen. This indicates that you will be playing in two-player mode. You can select the star to learn more about this mode.

How to Play

Begin playing the game. Player 1 controls Mario as normal and is in charge of movement. Mario's star pointer will be blue. The second player does not appear on screen; instead, he controls a gold star pointer. He can pick up Star Bits by moving the pointer over them or shake bushes with the "A" button to reveal coins. The second player can also shoot Star Bits at enemies using the "B" button. A hit from a Star Bit will stun an enemy briefly.

Combining Powers

Co-Star Mode allows players to try out several new moves. The Co-Star Super Jump is an extra-high jump that reaches platforms and objects Mario wouldn't normally be able to get to. To do the Co-Star Super Jump, the second player needs to hold the pointer over Mario. When it's time to jump, both players must hit the "A" button at the same time to launch Mario into the air.