How to Earn Money in "Bully"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Jimmy might not hurt his peers like Franklin, Michael or Trevor would in Rockstar's other hit series, but the kid still needs to get money to progress through "Bully." Interestingly, while Jimmy can earn money in several ways, bullying others into giving him their own isn't one of the options. Instead, he'll have to stick to races, missions and gambling.

Ways to Earn Money

Completing missions rewards you with cash along the way, but there are other money-earning activities available to Jimmy. For example, winning bike and go-kart races grants you money as part of the reward. Beyond this, completing the paper route in Old Bullworth Vale earns you up to $148 over five levels. You can also bet up to $20 playing basketball on the court during school months; the same applies to the Keep-Ups mini-game on the football field.

Spending Earned Money

With enough money, Jimmy can play games at the arcade and purchase clothing, for which he'll need about $3,000. Both of these are required to reach 100 percent completion, which earns the Perfectionist achievement in the enhanced Xbox 360 edition of the game. You can also purchase posters and a scooter at the carnival with earned money.

Quick Money Cheat

At the freak show, you can place up to $100 on one of the wrestling midgets. You can punch the one you bet against to help win some quick money. Though you'll generate violence on your violence meter, there aren't any cops inside the tent to arrest you.