How to Watch Series Episodes With Comcast On Demand

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Subscribers to Comcast's "On Demand" cable service can check out episodes of various shows as part of the free service. The choice of on-demand series episodes allows busy subscribers to conveniently follow their favorite shows on their own schedule. It's a great part of the On Demand platform.

Navigate between the cable channels provided by Comcast service. Hit 1 to access the On Demand service menu. You'll see a selection of white-lined boxes with a channel window in the top right.

Select either "Network" or "Premium Channels" from the menu.

Look for the "series" option.

Hit "series" and browse through a list of available shows.

Choose your show and view available episodes. Hit "info" for a summary of the episode.

Press the "enter" button on your remote to select an episode and navigate to the "play" button with your directional controls. Hit "enter" again to load the episode. It might take a few seconds to load.

Use "pause," "rewind" or "fast forward" to control the episode during viewing.


If you stop during viewing, On Demand will save your episode in a queue of previously loaded programs, so that you can find it later. Look at the bottom of your first menu for "saved programs" to continue watching an episode. Keep checking the on demand menu. On demand offerings are regularly updated and stay on the menu for a month or two.

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