How to Bunny Hop in Counter Strike 1.6 / Counter Strike Source

By Tiffany Garden

Updated September 22, 2017

Bunny hopping is a method of avoiding gunfire in Counter Strike 1.6. The bunny hopping process involves jumping and moving as though a rabbit would. You jump forward and from side to side, making it very difficult for your opponent to aim at you. You may encounter difficulties in aiming while bunny hopping. Practice bunny hopping so you can avoid incoming fire and still hit your opponents at the same time.

Begin moving forward with the "W" key.

Press "Space" to jump. Release the "W" key and press either "A" or "D" to strafe to the left or right, respectively.

Move your mouse in the same direction as your character is strafing.

Jump exactly as you hit the ground and hit the opposite strafe key. Move your mouse in the direction you are strafing every time. You may need to practice bunny hopping for some time before becoming proficient at the process.


Binding your jump key to an easier to reach location, such as your middle mouse key, decreases the bunny hopping learning curve.