How to Set up a Google Homepage

by Jason SpidleUpdated September 28, 2017

Google provides a service called iGoogle that enables you to create a customizable homepage based on your interests and the Google services you regularly use. The iGoogle homepage is made up of a theme, which styles the homepage, and your gadgets, which display interactive data such as news updates, RSS feeds, your local weather or your email inbox. Once your homepage is set up, the position and size of your gadgets can be adjusted by dragging the gadgets with your mouse.

Go to google.com and click “Sign In” at the top. Type your username and password in the text fields and press “Enter.”

Click “More” in the top menu and select “Even More.”

Click “iGoogle” below Web. Google displays a menu for creating your homepage.

Click the check boxes beside your interests. Google automatically generates content for your homepage based on the interests you select.

Click the radio button beside one of theme options to select a theme for your homepage. Themes apply background images and a style template to your homepage.

Type your ZIP code and click “See Your Page.” Google displays your homepage. The homepage is composed of gadgets, which display specific information depending on their function. By default, your homepage displays weather, YouTube, and Gmail inbox gadgets.

Click the “Add Gadgets” button at the top right to add gadgets to your homepage. Search for a gadget by name, and click “Add it Now” to apply the gadget to your iGoogle homepage.

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