How to Save Text Messages From Your Cellphone

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • PDA cell phone with email compatibility

  • Text messaging plan

If you love to send and receive text messages on your cellphone, you probably would like the convenience of saving previous messages. Unfortunately, a text message is like a phone call -- you can't save it while you're texting. And if you change your phone, you'll probably lose previous text messages. Here's how you can backup and save all of your valuable text messages.

Make sure your cell phone is a PDA or personal digital assistant phone. These multifunctional phones allow you to send and receive email, which is essential to saving your text messages.

Open each text message separately and copy the text. Then close out of the text message.

Create a new email message to send to yourself.

Paste the text message into the body of the email.

Save the email as a draft. Then go back and copy the next text message.

Paste the text message back into the saved email draft.

Continue and repeat the above steps until you've copied all your text messages that you want to save, pasted into an email message that you'll subsequently send to yourself.

After all your texts are backed up and saved, delete them from your phone if you want.

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