How to Program an Xbox 360 Universal Remote for Your TV

By Blaze Johnson

Updated September 22, 2017

The Microsoft Universal Media Remote for the Xbox 360 features proprietary controls that allow users convenient access and control for Windows Media Center, DVD functions, music playback and basic television operation. Programing the Microsoft Universal Media Remote to control your television may help eliminate the need for the original TV controller.

Code Entry Programing

Turn on the television.

Navigate to the Xbox 360 accessories support Web page and click on the “Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote” link. Locate the appropriate television manufacturer from the drop-down list. Each manufacturer listed will feature one or several four-digit codes needed to program the remote control.

Examine the Microsoft Remote and hold the “OK” and “TV” buttons, until all the remote buttons light solid. Proceed to the next step when the numerical keypad stays lit.

Enter one of the four-digit remote control codes for your manufacturer and press the “TV” button. After a successful code entry, the buttons will flash three times.

Test the functionality of the remote control by pressing the “CH” and “VOL” buttons. If the remote does not appear to work with television, repeat the programming process with a different code listed for the television manufacturer.

Code Scan Programing

Turn on the television.

Hold the “OK” and “TV” buttons on the remote control. Wait for the numerical buttons on the remote control to light solid.

Keep the remote control pointed at the television and tap one of the “CH” buttons until the television turns off. Be sure to press the desired “CH” buttons at a slow pace when finding the correct television code.

Hit the “TV” button immediately after the television turns off. This will finish the programming process.