How to Make Automatic Payments With PayPal

By Contributor

Updated September 28, 2017

Customers with a PayPal account can pay for purchases with their balance of backup funding sources in several different ways. Items can be purchased by using a direct transfer from a PayPal account for a subscription payment or for monthly bills. These payments are easily made with PayPal automatic payments.

Set up a regular payment. This can be done on many sites with a PayPal button that takes you directly to your PayPal account.

Use your PayPal debit card as a credit card to set up automatic payments if the site doesn't interface with PayPal directly. The card numbers are entered just as you would a credit card number.

Have a funding source for your PayPal card. If you have a regular balance in your PayPal account, that can be used to pay for your automatic payments. If the balance will not be there every month to cover the payment, set up a backup funding source.

Verify your backup funding source. This can be the bank account that was used to set up the PayPal account, or it can be a credit or debit card. Make sure your preferred funding source will be the one that is used for the automatic payments. Whichever source you use, make sure it will have enough funds to cover the regular payment.

Sign the automatic payments agreement through PayPal by checking the "Agree" box. This will authorize the payment to be deducted regularly. When the confirmation email comes from PayPal, check over the information and make sure that the backup funding source and the payment amount are correct.