How to Consistently Bowl Strikes in Wii Sports Bowling

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Nintendo Wii Console

  • Wiimote

  • "Wii Sports"

Despite being one of the most basic games available for the Nintendo Wii, "Wii Sports Bowling" has proven to be an enduring crowd-pleaser. It's not easy, though, and the secret to being consist lies in how you line up your controller.

Launch "Wii Sports" and select "Bowling" from the menu.

Use the directional pad on the Wiimote to move your Mii in the direction of the hand you favor. Keep moving over until the long red line is aligned with the second-to-last dark brown dot near the foul line. For example, if you are right handed, move your Mii to the right until the red line covers the second brown dot from the right.

Hold the Wiimote at eye level in front of your face with the sensor pointing directly at the ceiling. Press and hold the "B" button and swing the Wiimote to your side, ending your swing just a few inches to the side and a few inches behind your waistline.

Swing your arm forward, ending your swing at about eye level just above the opposite shoulder of your throwing arm. As you swing, release the "B" button at about navel level. This should create a slight hook toward the center pin and give you a strike.

Practice this method repeatedly until you can consistently roll strikes.


If you develop a comfortable, consistent swing but you're just barely missing your strikes, experiment with slight variations in your starting position. When you find one that works, stick with it.


Be on the safe side: Always use the safety strap with your Wiimote.