How to Do a Live Webcast

By Emma Nichols

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Live streaming website account

  • Webcam or digital camera

You can host your own live webcast from your own home online for free.
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With today's advanced technology, anyone can create a live webcast -- a live broadcast streamed on the Internet -- from the privacy of their own home. In the past, webcasts have generally been of large events, like concerts and premieres, but with the accessibility of technology, many people have been using webcasts as a form of blogging by speaking directly to the camera. Live webcasts are also useful for professors and teachers, as they can record any classes -- with the consent of students -- so students who missed that class or others interested in the material being instructed can see what was taught. You can create your own live webcast using a free live streaming website and a webcam.

Create an account on a live streaming website such as, Ustream and Livestream.

Create a channel on your account. The channel is where viewers can watch live webcasts, find information and updates about past and future webcasts, and watch old webcasts. Give the channel a title, write a description of who you are and what you will be broadcasting on the live stream, and tag it with keywords relevant to your theme.

Send the link for your channel to your friends, family and co-workers, and post it on any blogs you have. You can also copy the HTML embed code and paste it on your blog so your blog visitors can view the stream without having to visit your channel.

Set up your webcam in the location you want to be filmed from when you are ready to record and stream your webcast. If you are using a camera that isn't installed in a computer, make sure it is hooked up properly and working.

Log in to your channel. Click the "Go Live!" button on the top right corner of or Ustream, or the "Livestream Your Events" button on the top right corner of Livestream, to begin the webcast.

Check "Allow" on the "Adobe Flash Players Settings" box to confirm the website can use your webcam for the broadcast.

Click the "Start" button to begin. When finished, click the "End" button and log out.