How to Become a Professional Gamer

by braniacUpdated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Good Hand 2 Eye Coordination

  • Natural Ability at Gaming

  • TONS of Time to Practice

  • Money to Spend on Travel and Food

This is how to become a professional gamer.

To find a list of games you can compete at for a contract go to www.thecgs.com (LINK BELOW) or if you want compete independently www.worldcybergames.com (LINK BELOW) is the place to go. These are basically considered the big leagues.

To start you should choose a game you enjoy playing because what is the point in being a professional at it if you don't enjoy playing it.

Once you have chosen a game listed on one of the sites you should begin practicing for several hours a day minimum online or Xbox Live, etc depending on your platform. If you don't have that kind of time to devote to your game, you most likely will never reach professional caliber. If you have chosen a team game like Counter Strike, you should meet with your team everyday and practice, work on strategies and such. It is also recommended you do research for strategies on the internet and is a good idea to join several popular forums having to do with your game.

After you have practiced for a minimum of several months on your strict training schedule, it is time to test the waters. You should try to find a local competition, but if they are none in your area you can just go ahead and signup for the preliminaries for the Championship Gaming Series and/or the World Cyber Games closest to your area. This can be done on their websites

They will get back in touch with you and provide you with the necessary information and in some cases documents you may have to fill out and return.

Time to compete. Please remember it is only game so don't take it too personal if you lose. There will ALWAYS be more chances in the future. You should also remember good gamer etiquette if you go to a competition especially if you are on camera. It is fine to talk a little trash, but you should not swear on camera because a large percentage of the audience are kids and this is also frowned upon by producers and will most likely cut down your camera time.

Now if you are trying to get a contract you just keep trying until you get into the nationals for the Championship Gaming Series. They will have a combine to display your skills and you must impress one of the General Managers there enough for them to draft you. You should get to know each of them and keep coming every year until you get drafted. Make sure you bring your A-Game because you are playing for contract worth $30,000 minimum and up to $100,000 after endorsements for ONLY 2 MONTHS OF WORK!!

If you are not trying to get a contract and are just doing World Cyber Games, you are going to have to keep trying until you beat nationals and then you will get to compete at the World level. They have a hefty amount of prize money the further you get up the ladder in this one, but I personally prefer the Championship Gaming Series.


You are going to have to have a good bit of money set aside for travelling to different competitions, lodging, and food. Championship Gaming Series offers travel stipends you can compete for to help with costs. STICK WITH IT, it is almost impossible to become an established professional gamer over night.


You should always take breaks after playing for a period of time. It is unhealthy to just sit there all day.

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