How to See Movies in the Theater for FREE (legally)

by braniacUpdated September 22, 2017

Get the inside tips on how to get free movie passes, attend sneak previews, and see movies before they come out in theatres.

Resource #1: Your Favorite Radio Station Websites

Here in Seattle, some of my favorites are WARM1069.com (click on the "Events" link and you will see a sleu of contests--many of which are movies) or Mix92.5.com (click "Win Stuff"). The majority of radio stations have contests and freebies--you just need to find where they're located online!

Resource #2: WildAboutMovies.com.

Look for "Free Movie Screenings" on the top right-hand side of the page. WildAboutMovies allows you to either print passes directly from their website. Simply take your printout to the movie and you're in! There's also the option of entering drawings, which I have not had much luck doing.

Resource #3: Local Newspapers

Big ones don't cut it. You'll have much better luck with the local papers like "The Stranger" or "Seattle Weekly". Look in the arts section for information hidden among the movie ads. These tickets are a little harder to come by because they require a little more effort. Usually you've got to mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to get your tickets in the mail. Or you will need to pick the tickets up yourself at a local store (usually a video or cellular store).

Resource #4: The Warren Report

Visit Seattle.TheWarrenReport.com and sign up for their mailing list. You'll get the insider info on all the local movie previews, screenings, etc. Some freebies are for paying members only. I myself have not signed up, so I'm not sure what the cost is.


For promotions that require you to pick up a pass in person, get there as soon as you can. These passes get snatched up fast! Also, some places are stingy and only let you take one pass per person, so bring a friend with you if you're going to need more than one.


Make sure you arrive to the movie screening at least an hour early. If you can, get there up to two hours early. Everyone wants a freebie, so you will not be the only one in line! These places want a fully-booked theatre so they generally hand out one pass per seat--that's TWICE as many people as there are seats. Get there early to guarantee you'll get your spot. Bring a friend too--have them save seats while you buy concessions. That way you won't risk losing your spot.

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