How to Play Ecco the Dolphin

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Ecco the Dolphin is an adventure game that allows you to live life as a dolphin. Ecco has become separated from his pod and now must get help from local sea life to discover what has happened to them.

Move Ecco with the left analog stick. Tap "A" to swim faster, pressing "X" to perform a dashing attack move that kills enemies. Press "B" to emit sonar, activate crystals and communicate with friendly animals. Press the "A" button to scroll through the text from other animals.

Hold down "B," the echolocation button, to map out your surroundings. This helps when you are lost in small tunnel mazes.

Keep a close eye on your air meter, those white bars on the top left of the screen. If they run out, Ecco becomes damaged and eventually dies. Refill the white bar by surfacing or finding bubbles.

Watch your health meter closely, those dark blue boxes above your air meter. If it runs out, Ecco dies.

Refill your health by locating a small school of fish. Press "X" to dash through the fish, eat some and restore Ecco's health.

Search for other animals who can provide directions or hints to the location of your pod.

Locate crystals to move other large crystals you encounter blocking your passage. Press "X" to activate the control crystal, and then echolocate toward the obstacle crystal. It will fall out of your way.


Face clams you find on the ocean floor and press "X" to open them and release a bubble of air.