How to Play Tunnel Tag

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Big area to play

  • 6 or more players

Tunnel Tag is a fun game of tag for kids of all ages to play. This game is a great gym game and because there is so much running around involved, it is good exercise for the players. The following steps will show you how to play this fun game of tag.

Choose one or two kids to be "it." Have the adult choose these players from among those who indicate they would like to be "it" by raising their hand, or have them choose a number from between one and a hundred to decide. If you have an extra big class you can have 3 "its" if you choose.

Ask the "its" to chase the other players after the go signal.

Stop running when you are tagged. Make your body into a tunnel shape, either by spreading your legs wide as you are in a standing position or make your body into an arch with your hands and feet on the floor. You must freeze and cannot move from this tunnel position once you are tagged.

Unfreeze and get back into the game when an active member of the game goes through your tunnel. If the player going through the tunnel is tagged while doing so, he or she must also become frozen and make their body into a tunnel along with the player they tried to free.

Keep playing in this way until all players are frozen or after a certain set period of time.


You can play this game so that if a player has been tagged three times they must then trade someone who is "it" and become "it." You can have "it" wear a vest or other designated piece of clothing to show that they are "it" to make the game less confusing for those playing. Especially if "its" are being changed frequently.


Try putting more pressure on your hands when going through tunnels to reduce soreness and wearing out of the skin on your elbows.