How to Play Jack Straws

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Jack Straws is a very old game. Pioneer children frequently would play Jack Straws because the material was simple to get and the game could be changed slightly to increase the interest. The name came from the fact that straw was used by the children. The original game is still around and is still entertaining America's children, but today narrow wooden sticks are used instead. Read on to learn how to play Jack Straws.

Gather the thin wooden sticks in a bunch. Encircle your hand around the middle of the Jack Straws.

Lift the Jack Straws about an inch above the playing surface with the ends facing the surface.

Open your hand, releasing them all at once. They should fall in ab overlapping pile.

Remove one straw at a time. Use only your fingers and don't move any of the other straws. You can make one rise by pressing down the end, or even twist a straw free.

Try to get the black straw, if possible. It can help you in many ways and is worth 20 points. If you get a blue one it is 10 points, a red one is five and the green is only three points.

Use the black straw, once you have it, to lift the other straws.

End your turn when another straw moves as you're taking one out. The next player gets their chance at the pile. The game ends when all straws are gone. The winner is the person with the most straws.

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