How to Solve a Csrss.exe Problem

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Your diligence at virus scanning is admirable. Usually you have no problem cleaning up your computer and solving whatever issues arise. This time, however, your computer is claiming that a file labeled Csrss.exe is the problem. This is a common problem. Sometimes, your computer actually unnecessarily labels the Csrss.exe malware when it is really a necessary program file.

Determine if the Csrss.exe file is a problem by using a virus scan such as one created by Norton or McAfee. Your computer may be mislabeling the file and a third party virus scan may illuminate the problem. The file is not legitimate if you have a Windows version early than 98.

Use the Symantec removal tool developed for the Csrss.exe worm if your virus scan determines the file is dangerous. If this does not work, proceed to Step 3.

Locate the file and figure out if Csrss.exe is a Windows operating file. Look in the \Windows\System32 or \Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386 the date stamps should be identical, if not one may be infected.

Check your Startup folder. Csrss.exe should not appear there as it is supposed to be launched automatically. If it appears in the Startup folder, it should be removed.

Delete the file once you have found it and decided that it is indeed a problem file. Csrss.exe can be a legitimate file. Use a little detective work to uncover the problem and clean up your computer files.

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