How to Play Scrabble Blast

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Scrabble Blast is a fun and free online game that can help keep your brain active and entertain you at the same time! The idea is to form words from adjacent letter tiles. Some letters are worth more points than others and the longer the word, the more points you score. Get out your thinking cap and wipe the dust off those old vocabulary words!


Go as long as you can. You can spell out words up to seven letters long. The more letters you get into your word, the more points you get. Making things plural by added 's' or 'es' is a great way to get a few extra points in.

Watch out for the bombs! As you spell out words, the letters you didn't use move down. Sometimes, a bomb letter will come down into the play field. If this bomb reaches the bottom, it explodes and your game is over! Get rid of the bomb as soon as you possibly can!

Aim for at least 20 points. It may take a while to see those long words, but there's no timer so you can take as long as you want. Ensuring that every word you spell is at least worth 20 points will maximize your score and help train you to look for longer and more complex words.

Use the Double Letter tiles whenever you can. While spelling out larger words with seldom-used letters is excellent, try and incorporate at least one or two of the Double Letter tiles and watch your score skyrocket! The Double Letter tiles appear at fixed places on the board, so you can keep using them.

Download the game to get hints. We'll all get stuck sooner or later. Downloading the free version of the game will allow you to get hints if you can't figure out your next word.

Find a use for X and Q. These are the hardest letters to use, but are also worth the most points. You may not always find a word to use them in, but if you can, they're worth a bundle of points!

Play other online games like Text Twist. This will help you think of words you can use when playing Scrabble Blast and will help warm up your brain.


The letter Q is almost always followed by the letter U. Think in English. Scrabble Blast only includes English words.


Avoid using the names of people and places; these are almost never allowed.

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