How to Remove Watermarks from PDF Files

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

When there's a need to remove or replace a watermark on a PDF document, it can be difficult to accomplish. If you don't have the original files, a bit of doctoring may be needed for the results you desire. Here's how to remove watermarks from PDF files using common Windows programs.

Use the original Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet that was used to create the PDF and create a new PDF file without the watermark. If this is not possible, proceed to step 2.

Download a free trial copy of Adobe Acrobat and install it on your computer (see Resources below).

Use the program to open the PDF file.

Select 'Remove Watermark' and save the document.

Convert the document into a Microsoft Word file if the above steps do not work. To do this, download the program 'Zamzar' (see Resources below).

Open the new Word document in Microsoft Word.

Delete the watermark text that overlaps the main text in the document and save the file as a PDF again. If this is not possible, proceed to step 8.

Convert the PDF file to an image using Zamzar or by using the "print screen" key on your keyboard in Adobe Photoshop.

Open the image in Adobe Photoshop.

Select the watermark with the Magic Wand tool. Press "Delete" to remove it.