How to Play Worms

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Worms is a game that combines action, strategy, comedy and a good deal of luck for an enjoyable playing experience. Each game in worms is different as each level is randomly generated and totally destructible. Worms is a turn-based game meaning players take turns trying to kill the other team's worms with a large variety of powerful and hilarious weapons.

Look around the map as a game begins to locate your worms and the enemy worms. Use the right analog stick to scroll over the game map. Click the left trigger to zoom the camera in and right trigger to zoom it out. Click down on the right analog stick to re-center the camera on your worm.

Determine which worm you wish to attack and then select a weapon. Do this by pressing "B" to access the weapon select menu. Scroll through the menu with the left analog stick and choose a weapon with "A."

Adjust the trajectory of your shot by pressing up or down on the left analog stick. Notice the cross hair moving up or down. Look at the wind gauge in the bottom right of your screen. You need to compensate for the wind in your shots. Use this knowledge to setup the perfect trajectory to hit your target.

Press and hold "A" and a bar will appear in front of your character. The longer you hold "A" the longer that bar gets and the more powerful your shot is. If you only tap the "A" button you drop the weapon at your feet.

Retreat to a safer location during the few seconds of safe time after launching a weapon. Wisely place your character out of harm's way so your opponent cannot kill you on their upcoming turn.

Lose all of its health or fall into the water and your worm dies. The game ends if you lose all of your worms. Defeat all of your enemy's worms to win.


Learn the more than 20 different weapons and power ups. Each one has its use and can be very helpful. Use the jetpack and ninja rope to move your character great distances and over obstacles. Only use the teleporter as a last resort because it counts as your whole turn and leaves you with no chance to attack. Change the fuse length on a grenade by pressing "Y." Stop pressing "Y" when the time you wish to use is displayed at the top of the screen.


If the time in your round expires (watch the timer in the bottom right of the screen), your game enters sudden death mode which sets all worms health to one point and the water rises slightly after each level. If your worms are low on the map and the timer is expiring, get them higher quickly or they could drown. Avoid the land mines that look little green squares with red tops. If you get too close they beep momentarily then explode injuring you and ending your turn. If you hear the beeps, turn and jump away immediately.

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