How to Use Cheats for Game Boy Advance

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Cheating at video games is something that is almost as old as the genre itself. Game Boy Advance (GBA) has cheats just like any other game system. Cheats help the player get through a difficult level, solve puzzles, attain infinite life, locate powerful weapons and many other useful purposes. Most cheats are entered as a code; but some games have hidden items you unlock. Read on to learn more.

Purchase an external gaming aid, such as GameShark or Codebreaker. The plug-in device has thousands of pre-loaded cheat codes. Download and add and new codes as they become available. These codes are designed by the game developer and are usually the most effective.

Plug the gaming aid into your system's game slot. Select the game from the main menu then select the cheat code using the control pad on the GBA. You can select more than one cheat code at a time.

Remove the gaming aid and plug in the game cartridge. Turn on the game and you should be able to tell right away that the codes are active. You will have the corresponding cheat such as fully completed saved games, infinite life or unlimited ammo.


Get new cheat codes as they become available from websites, message boards, books and magazines targeted at gamers. Some games have hidden items commonly referred to as "Easter eggs" that do not require a cheat code to unlock. You must know where to go in the game and what specific action to perform from someone you know or a gaming source.