How to Play the Card Game Phase 10

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Phase 10 is a highly addictive card game that's sure to have your household vying for the ultimate prize. It's different every time you play the game, making it a favorite among kids and adults alike. Playing this game just one time will make it a regular among your family and your friends.

Shuffle the deck and deal ten cards to each player. You should keep the contents of your cards secret from the rest of the players. Place the rest of the deck face down in the middle of the table. This deck becomes the draw pile.

Turn over the top card on the draw pile to start the discard pile. The first player picks up the top card on the discard pile or draws a card from the draw pile. The turn ends when the player discards one card.

Organize your cards to complete phase one. Phases usually consist of sets or runs. A set is two or more cards of the same number. A run is four or more cards numbered consecutively. All one color means all your cards must be the same color.

Lay your cards face up on the table once you complete the phase. You must do this before you discard and you must have the entire phase complete before you can lay it down.

Add additional cards that fit the phase that's laid on the table. You may play on your own phase, on any of your opponent's phases, or both. This is how you get rid of all your cards. The round is over when one player goes out, or gets rid of all the cards.

Total all the cards that you did not lay down as part of your completed phase. If you did not complete the phase, all your cards count towards your total. The player receives five points for cards numbered one through nine, 10 points for cards numbered 10 through 12, 15 points for each Skip card and 25 points for each Wild card.

Write the scores on a piece of paper. On this paper, it's easiest to designate one column for each player. You can keep track of the score as well as the current phase that player is on. Special score pads are available to make this easier.

Repeat the steps above for the next round. If you've successfully completed phase one, you may move on to phase two. If you didn't complete phase one, you'll need to try again. Each player can only complete one phase per hand, and you must complete phases in order.

Be the first player to complete all ten phases and you're the winner. If more than one player successfully completes all the phases, the player with the lowest score wins.


Wild cards can be used in the place of a numbered card or it can be used to substitute a needed color. These cards are often vital to your completion of the current phase. It's best to play these cards as soon as possible, because they add up to a lot of points in your hand. Skip cards skip the player that will play right after you. This means that player will lose a turn for that round. Like Wild cards, these cards add unwanted points in your hand if you can't play them.

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