How to Sell a Game Idea

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Think you've got an idea for the next great computer game? While you probably don't have the next Gauntlet or World of Warcraft, you might have a viable idea that can be marketed in either the independent game market or to one of the major video game companies. Here are steps to evaluate your idea and proceed to sell it.

Creating the Game

Define a reason for creating the game. It should be about having fun, not about a fancy look or overly clever rules of play.

Consider the audience for which you're making the game. The game should be simple enough to grab the player's interest, but complex enough to hold it. It also should be easy for the player to save and exit at any point.

Figure out the key moment of your game; develop that part first, then go back and create the starting point along with the end.

Come up with a number of game ideas. Not all will be viable, but by continuing to come up with ideas, you will get better and better, just as continuing to write will make you a better writer or practicing your instrument will make you a better musician. You also will have another idea ready to pitch if your first idea is rejected.

Show your ideas to people you know or post them on forums or websites dedicated to sharing ideas.

Marketing Your Idea

Hone your ideas into a clear, coherent description of the object of the game and how it is supposed to be played. This is known as creating a "pitch" for the game.

Contact the research and development department of a company to which you're interested in pitching the game idea to see if it accepts submissions. This is more likely to happen with smaller game companies than larger ones; however, remember that smaller companies lack the resources of larger companies. Pay attention to their submissions requirements.

Pitch your idea to company officials.


Attend game fairs and expositions, such as the Origins Game Fair and the GAMA Trade Show. The GAMA Trade Show offers business advice, while Origins gives you direct contact with potential buyers.