How to Hide an IP Address

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

With Internet privacy becoming a thing of the past, hiding the IP (Internet protocol) address is a good way to make sure that Internet sites are not tracking a users activities. It does not require a degree in computer science to accomplish. Just a basic understanding of the Internet, a few clicks, and a person is ready to surf the Internet anonymously

Decide if the need for hiding the IP address is worth a fee. Many software options allow a user to hide their IP address by installing software that masks the native IP address. These applications are thorough but there are options available that are free. Just remember that in most cases a user gets what they pay for.

Try the pay software out before buying it. Often software download allow the user a trail period to use and evaluate its effectiveness. Understand that these downloads sometimes have their capabilities limited. This is to persuade the user to purchase the utility in order to get full use.

Locate a free web proxy service. While not as secure as some options, free proxy can provide a passable level of anonymity on the Internet. Be aware that most company web filters block access to most proxy servers on the Internet. So if the need to hide the IP address arises from a workplace issue this option is probably not feasible.

Download and install the free software that hides an IP address. These software platforms are not as powerful as the pay options but offer a serviceable option. Some of the downloads come with adware and spyware that compromise a computer users privacy. That is something we are trying to avoid in hiding the IP address. So using shareware can be counterproductive to the users Internet privacy.

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