How to Convert MOV Files to WMV

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

If your digital camera saves pictures as MOV files but you want to work with them in Windows Movie Maker, then you need to convert them from MOV files to WMV files. This is a relatively easy feat if you know your way around a computer. Follow these steps to convert MOV files to WMV files.

Log on to dvd-tool.com and download the Xilisoft Video Converter. Click on the link and, when prompted, save it to your desktop. Open the program after it is installed. There is a charge for this software program.

Click on "File" then "Add." Highlight the MOV files you would like to convert to WMV.

Pick the output format you would like for the conversion file. In this case it is WMV.

Adjust the settings you want the WMV file to have. You can choose the video size, start time, buffer time and many other options or just leave it as it is.

Select "Browse" to determine where you would like to place the converted WMV file. Choose your desktop so you can easily locate it.

Choose "Encode" to begin converting from a MOV file to a WMV file. The program will say "Completed" in the information box after the conversion has taken place.


With this program you can convert MOV files to almost any type of file you need. Xilisoft Video Converter also offers a free trial for files that are less than 5 minutes long.

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