How to Open an Etsy Store

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Crafters who do not have access to fairs or markets in which to sell their handmade goods, or those who produce items on a small-scale, can open an online store instead. Etsy provides crafters the opportunity to market their handcrafted items globally, and the process of how to set up an Etsy store is as easy as following a few simple steps.

Open an Internet browser and log on to Etsy.

Click "Register" on the Etsy homepage, which is located in the top, right-hand corner.

Complete the information on the "Create Your Etsy Account" page and agree to the "terms of use."

Wait to receive your confirmation email, and then follow the directions stated to activate your Etsy account.

Press the "Log In" button located in the top, right-hand corner of the Etsy homepage and enter your username and password.

Select "Sell" from the Etsy toolbar located on the homepage. After reading about how to sell on Etsy, click on "Sign up to sell."

Follow the registration process, filling in your personal and billing information. Once you have completed the final steps, you are ready to design your shop and list your products.


Choose your Etsy username carefully. Once you have selected a username, you can't change it. Your username will be the name of your Etsy shop. If you have not opened a PayPal account previously, do so. For protection, most buyers and sellers require a PayPal account to complete a transaction. PayPal is a third-party account that holds payment in escrow.

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