How to Heel Click

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Maybe you're doing a musical, maybe you're singing an Irish ditty, or maybe you just feel really happy. But if you suddenly have the need to perform a few heel clicks, these tips will get you started. You'll be leaping like a leprechaun in no time.

Jump in the air. If you're an adult, it's probably been a while since you were jumping around the playground, so take a few minutes to reacquaint yourselves with jumping.

Sit in a chair and click your heels together. Lift your legs off the ground and practice clicking your heels together. This should help you feel the heel clicking sensation.

Perform your heel click. Take what you've learned and combine them, by jumping in the air and simultaneously clicking your heels together. Start with one click and work your way to two clicks. (Clicking your heels directly below your shoulders will help with balance.)

Click your heels off to the side. When we see old musicals or cartoons of Leprechauns clicking their heels, they tend to click them out to the side. Only attempt this once you've mastered the normal heel click. When you jump, throw your shoulders one way and your feet in the other direction. Essentially the direction of your shoulders is compensating for the direction of your feet and vice versa. This allows for balance while you are in mid-air. While off your feet click your heels. Start with one, click and work up to two. This move is usually performed in pairs with you clicking to the left twice, and then to the right twice.


Sprinkle these into your choreography for your high school musical. They are easy to do and look very impressive from the audience.


Be ready to fall. Practice this move on the grass first. It's quite easy to get tripped up, but after a few tries, you'll get the hang of it. Practicing on mats doesn't really work because the mats are too soft to really get a good jump.

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