How to Play Spud

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Spud is an outdoor children's game that requires some physical activity. Children six and older can easily play Spud and younger children can, too, with a little help. Most people play Spud for fun without making it too competitive. Since it is a children's game, it often ends before someone wins. All you need to play is a soft plastic ball and at least three people. Read on to learn how to play Spud.

Choose someone to be it. This person must pick a category, announces it to the other players and walks away with the ball. Possible categories include colors, flowers, birds, games, jobs and books.

Huddle up as a group, away from the person who is it. Each person must choose to be something that fits into the category. For example, red, blue, green and orange if the category is colors. Choose one person to represent the group, who must make a mental list of all the colors chosen.

Announce the things chosen by each person in no particular order, if you are representing the group. All the other players wait quietly.

Pick one of the things that were announced, call it out and throw the ball into the air. The player who chose the thing that the it person called out, must run and get the ball. All of the other players, including the it person, must run away from the ball.

Yell out "Spud" when you get the ball. All the other players must stop when you yell "Spud."

Take up to three steps toward any other player once all the players have stopped moving. Throw the ball at the nearest player, or the one you want to be it. If you hit them, they are it, but, if you miss or your target catches the ball, you are. Starting with the second person who is it, when you are it you get a letter. Once a player gets four letters, spelling Spud, they are out until a new game starts.

Continue the game with a new category chosen by the it person.

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