How to Order a Pay-Per-View Movie on Charter Cable

By Contributor

Updated September 22, 2017

Order a Pay-Per-View Movie on Charter Cable

Charter Cable provides the Pay Per View movie service at an additional cost when you are a cable subscriber. It is a very handy option when you want to watch a first run movie in the comfort of your own home. Movies can range in price and in the types of movies available. Use caution when ordering, as sometimes the names may be movie title may be close but the movie itself is NOT.

Switch to the Interactive Program Guide and search for the channel that provides Pay Per View service. This can be a different channel depending where you live, but usually towards the end of the channel listings.

Select which titles you want to search through by highlighting the Pay Per View by Time, Title, Special Event or Adult. Once you have highlighted your preference, select "OK."

Press on the program, movie or special event that you want to purchase and select "OK." Highlight the time you want the movie to start and select "OK" again. This may not be an option for special events.

Read the confirmation that popups on the screen carefully, if it is correct, highlight and select "Confirm." If incorrect, go back and try the steps again.

Tune to the channel at the time you selected your movie to start. The show will then be purchased and you will be billed the amount on your next bill.

Cancel the show or event that you have selected by returning to Charter's Pay Per View channel, selecting the event you wish to cancel and press "OK." Select the option "Cancel" and hit "OK."

Broadcast the show on all TVs that have a Charter cable box by contacting Charter and getting authorization for this service. It is available and possible, you just need authorization.


If your cable box is not on the channel at the time when the event is broadcast, you should not be charged the fee for the show. Parental Lock Out is an option that should be utilized on your cable box if you live with other people and they are not authorized to order Pay Per View selections.