How to Watch On Demand With Charter Cable

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

On Demand is a free service provided when you order digital cable through Charter Cable Company. If provides anytime access to favorite cable shows, kids favorites, music, movies and series that you may have missed. To watch movies from premium channels you must also subscribe to the premium channels. It is also called Video On Demand because you can pause and stop the show like a video.

Go to channel 999, the On Demand Channel, and preview what shows are available for view at that time. This channel is universal no matter where you live. Most shows listed on the menu are free, very few will have a fee, but if they do you will be notified with a confirmation before the order is entered.

Select the show you wish to watch, highlight and hit the "Select" button on your remote. It will start the movie or show immediately.

Press "Pause" on the remote to stop the show, "Rewind" and "Fast Forward" just like you would a video tape or DVD. You can even press "Stop" change the channel, return later, and continue where you left off.

Choose popular shows from cable like cooking or home improvement channels from the menu to watch your favorite episodes or ones that you may have missed.

Start, watch and stop the movie you have purchased as many times as you wish in a 24 hour window. One person can watch a show in the morning and someone else can watch it night. The shows that are free can be watched whenever you like.

Watch Premium movie channel specials, series and movies anytime with On Demand. You must subscribe to the premium channels from Charter for this service. Premium channel movies rotate often, and the date they expire is located next to the title.

Parental Control can be applied to adult material shows and specials by exercising that option on the menu.