How to Play Pool Colors

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Two or more kids

  • Swimming pool

Swimming pool games are fun. Inside or outside, this game can be played in any size of pool. It involves swimming, guessing and jumping in the pool. Two or more players can play. The object of the game is for one player to guess the colors the other players are thinking and then tag the players before they swim to the other side of the pool.

Find two or more players. Make sure everyone can swim and have an adult to watch the game for safety reasons.

Establish your rules before you start. All players should decide together what colors they will use in this game and what colors they will not use. One way to play is by using the colors of the rainbow. Also, decide on a spot where the swimmers should swim to be safe from the person who is "it".

Tell one person to stand by the edge of the pool facing away from the water and the other players. This person can hear everyone in the pool but the person who is "it" should not see anyone.

Ask everyone in the pool to pick a color and to keep it a secret.

Tell "it" to start guessing the colors one at a time slowly and clearly so that everyone can hear.

Listen as the colors are called. When the one who is "it" guesses someone's color, that person quickly swims to the other side of the pool to the safe spot. Everyone else stays where they are.

Tell the child who is "it" to jump in the pool when someone swims away. He must catch the swimmer. If he catches the swimmer before she reaches the safe place on the other side of the pool, then she becomes "it". Play continues if the child who is"it" doesn't catch the swimmer. The round ends when someone is caught.


Make sure everyone agrees what colors are in the rainbow. Take a break if you get tired.


Always have an experienced swimming adult chaperone children in the pool. Don't land on anyone when you jump into the pool. Watch that younger players don't get too tired.