How to Make a Digital Photo CD Slideshow

By Contributor

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • CD burner

  • CD-R or -RW disc

  • Slideshow software

A digital CD slideshow is a great way to preserve and showcase your favorite photos. Follow these steps to organize your digital picture collection and make a fun slideshow to share with family and friends.

Choose digital photos to include in your slideshow. Consider a theme or time frame when picking to help give your slideshow focus. Most digital photo software, such as Kodak Easy Share, makes it easy to organize your photos into albums and groups.

Acquire software to make your slideshow. If you do not already have a program on your computer or included with your digital camera, there are a wide variety of choices available. Comcast offers 2 versions of its popular PhotoShow software-one for Comcast subscribers and another free version available to anyone. As well, you can find others, like Microsoft Photo Story, available for purchase and download online.

Upload your chosen photos to the slideshow software by following the program's instructions.

Use the software to organize your digital pictures into the order you want them to run and choose how long you would like each of them to stay on the screen.

Take advantage of the creative features your software program offers. In even the most basic options, you can add music, cool graphics and text as well as choose how your photos transition.

Burn your slideshow to a CD after you finish adding and organizing your photos and features. The software will have a link, most often "Burn to CD," which will connect with your computer's burning hardware.


Consider burning your slideshow to a DVD disc if you have a DVD burner. This way, your slideshow can be played in any DVD player.