How to Get Tickets for Saturday Night Live

by ContributorUpdated October 03, 2017

Saturday Night Live is the longest running show on NBC. It has given Hollywood some of its funniest comedians from John Belushi to Andy Hoffman to Jane Curtain and Jim Carey. The popularity of Saturday Night Live has people spending the night in all kinds of weather, waiting for tickets. The wait is well worth it though.

Submit your request in August every year for Saturday Night Live tickets. If selected, you will receive an email confirmation with a statement you have won tickets to a dress rehearsal or live taping.

Arrive at 7 a.m. for stand-by tickets the morning of a live taping. You must go to "NBC Studios" marquee on 50th Street in New York City on the Rockefeller Plaza side. Purchase of a stand-by ticket is not necessary. One ticket will be issued per person, though receipt of a stand-by ticket for Saturday Night Live does not guarantee admittance.

Bring a sweater to a live taping of Saturday Night Live, as they keep the studio cold. You must be a minimum of 16 years old to attend a live taping.

Check the Saturday Night Live website to see if a new show is being taped before you stand outside to get tickets.


Have proof of your age with you.


Dress warm and muster all your patience for waiting in the line.

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