How to Connect a Nintendo Wii to the Internet

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

With an Internet connection, the Nintendo Wii's features extend considerably; users gain access to movies, the Virtual Console and online multiplayer in supported games. Both the Wii and Wii U support wired and wireless connections.

Nintendo Wii

Point your Wii remote at the Wii logo on the lower left corner of the screen, and then press the "A" button.

Select "Wii Settings" to open three pages of configuration options.

Navigate to the second page and select "Internet." Pick any of the three empty slots; if you don't have any connections configured yet, you can pick "Connection 1."

Choose your connection type: wired or wireless. If you have a plug connecting the console directly to the router, you're in luck; this wired connection means you don't need to take any further steps to get online. Otherwise, select "Wireless."

Select "Search for an Access Point" and pick your connection from the list. Usually it's one of the first ones and has the strongest connection, but you can identify it by name. If prompted for a password, enter the router's password. Continue with "OK" and "Save Settings" to keep the changes.

Select "Yes" when prompted to test your connection. If the test passes, your setup succeeded and you can go online immediately. If not, the console will provide a code that specifies where the problem lies.

Wii U

Connect the Wii U directly to your Internet router using the Wii LAN Adapter. This adapter allows you to create a wired connection through the USB port in the back of your console. If you want to establish a wireless connection, however, you don't need this.

Open the System Settings from the dashboard.

Pick the blue Internet icon to open a sub-menu. Within this menu, select "Connect to the Internet."

Select "Connection Type," followed by either "Wired" or "Wireless."

Use the left stick to locate your wireless access point, pressing "A" to select it. Enter your password if you have one.

Select "OK" to confirm the adapter or password. In both cases, the console will perform a connection test. If it fails, you'll get an error code signifying why. Nintendo provides an error code lookup to explain the code's meaning (see Resources).


You may need to install system updates after setting up your connection.

Consider including a password if you don't already have one.


The Wii Mini has no online capability.