How to Master Boxing in Wii Sports

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Boxing in Wii Sports is the best workout of the available games. It is also the only game that utilizes the nunchuck controller as well as the Wii controller. Boxing may be the most difficult game on Wii Sports and to become a master at it you will have to spend some time practicing and follow these guidelines.

Learn to use your jabs often. Jabs are your bread and butter. Thrust either the Wii controller or nunchuck forward to jab. Do the same motion with a slight upward angle to jab to the face. Use jabs to throw one-two combinations where you jab with the left hand and jab harder with the right.

Use hooks to deal more damage. To throw a right hook, move the Wii controller down and to the right at a 45-degree angle and do the opposite for a left hook. You can throw a hook to the face by rotating the Wii controller or the nunchuck inwards 90 degrees, however this is difficult to do and you may want to rely on jabs and uppercuts for the face.

Hit your opponent with uppercuts to do a lot of damage. Uppercuts are fairly hard to land and can be unreliable, but perfecting the uppercut will help you finish off big combos and lay your opponent out. To throw an uppercut, hold the Wii controller or nunchuck parallel with the ground and bring it up quickly.

Dodge your opponent's shots to conserve your health. You can dodge by moving both the Wii controller and the nunchuck to either side. You can throw punches while you dodge, so move out of an opponents strike and hit him while he is vulnerable. You can also block by holding both the controller and nunchuck in front of your face or your body.

Go for the knockout. You can get a knockout by throwing harder punches and combos, knocking your opponent down quickly and knocking him down often. Being aggressive is essential for mastering boxing.

Vary your punches. Use jabs primarily, but throw in hooks and the occasional uppercuts. Also change up where on your opponent's body you throw punches. Throw left-right punches as often as you can instead of focusing on just one hand.

Work on technique in the early rounds against the computer. In all reality, you can just swing away to beat the computer. However, this is a great time to work on dodging, blocking and mixing up your punches so don't just stick to jabs and try to work out some timing on the early rounds so you will be able to master the later rounds.


After you beat the Grand Champion, you can wear silver boxing gloves by holding the "1" button when the screen goes black before a match.