How to Master Baseball in Wii Sports

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Baseball in Wii Sports is a great way to experience the game. Add some crackerjacks and cheering fans and a day at the ballpark can be spent in your own living room. Here are some steps that will help you master the two parts of baseball in Wii Sports, pitching and hitting, and make you the toughest competition this side of the couch.


Learn how to throw the five different types of pitches. To pitch in general, simply raise the Wii controller over your shoulder and then thrust it forward. Thrust the controller forward quickly to throw a fastball, thrust it forward slowly to throw a change-up, hold down "A" and thrust the controller forward for a screwball, hold "B" and thrust the controller forward for a curveball and hold down both "A" and "B" and thrust the controller forward for a splitter.

Press left and right on the directional pad to pitch inside or outside. You usually want to pitch down the middle or inside because outside pitches are easy to hit especially for homeruns. Use the "1" and "2" buttons to switch between overhand and underhand throwing.

Change pitch types every pitch. You need to keep an element of surprise to your pitches when playing baseball against other people, so try not to get into a pattern.

Throw screwballs on the inside of the plate and curveballs on the outside of the plate to right-handed hitters and vice-versa to left-handed hitters.

Use fastballs and splitters sparingly to make them effective. The fastball is a good change of pace, especially when thrown really hard after a curveball or screwball. Splitters are almost impossible to hit, but if the batter doesn't swing it will probably be a ball.

Watch your pitcher's composure. After a while you will see a sweat symbol appear over your pitcher which means he or she is getting tired. Your pitches will be slower and less accurate and the likelihood of throwing a failed pitch, which is when a exclamation point appears over the pitcher's head and the pitch is slow and right over the plate.


Stand and position yourself like a real batter. It really does help, and while you can flick your wrist and the batter will swing, standing like a true batter with your left shoulder facing the television (or right shoulder if you are left handed), feet apart slightly and holding the Wii controller like a bat will help you make better contact more frequently.

Swing often. You will see more strikes than balls so you should have lots of opportunities to hit. Adjust to who you are playing against though, because if someone knows you are a free swinger, they are more likely to throw balls.

Hit the ball as hard as possible and swing from lower to higher. This will increase the odds of you hitting a homerun or to the outfield which gives you a better chance to get on base.

Practice with the training games in Wii sports. The homerun derby will help you perfect your homerun swing, the contact drill will help you recognize pitches and the swing control drill will help you time your swings.

Bunt by holding the Wii controller out in front of you. It is hard to get a hit with a bunt, but you can sacrifice and move runners over with a bunt to allow them to score easier on a base hit.


Fielding happens automatically so you only have to worry about pitching and hitting.