How to Record From DVR to DVD

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • TV

  • Video cables

  • DVR player

  • Recordable DVD disc (such as DVD + R/RW)

  • DVD player

Every Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has a limit, a full-to-capacity point where it refuses to record anymore. Alternatively, the DVR can simply start dumping the old recordings to make room for the new recordings, but this can be a problem for those who like to keep their favorite shows and movies around for quick access. Luckily there is a way to keep your favorite shows and not lose them. You must do a simple transfer of information from your DVR to your DVD player.

Record From DVR to DVD

Record the show first on the DVR as you normally would.

Turn on everything including the DVR, DVD player and the television.

Connect an S-Video cable from the DVD player to the DVR player. The cable will be red and white.

Change the inputs on the DVD player. Since you are using an S-video input, the correct setting would be L1.

Change the TV setting to match the settings of your DVD. If you are watching what you are recording, the setting on the TV should be "Video 2."

Play the show back to test that all the cables are connected correctly and the inputs are congruent with each other. If while playing back you can hear and see your show, you are good to proceed. If not, check your cables and make sure the inputs agree.

Place a DVD + R/RW disc into your DVD player.

Set the recoding time according to the DVR instructions. Two hours of recording time is usually a safe amount of time, unless quality is not your number one priority. For example, a show you do not plan on keeping or a sporting event you will simply watch once and tape over would be conducive to longer recording times. Otherwise the 2-hour setting will give you the best quality you can expect, and it should mirror the quality of the original DVR recording.

Push "Play" on the DVR player and "Record" on the DVD player. If you want to build a playlist of shows or record multiple shows, simply push "Stop" on the DVD player while you set up each new recording.


If you plan on doing this often, consider purchasing an additional DVD player that is set up especially for this purpose since you will not be able to watch DVDs with this setup. You would need to constantly switch the cables and change the inputs with only one DVD player.

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