How to Download PSP Games

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • 256 MB Memory Stick

  • USB Cable

  • PSP Firmware version 1.5

The Sony Playstation Portable console combines fun, function and portability because it appeals to gamers, music lovers, picture hounds and movie buffs. Knowing how to download PSP games only adds to a Playstation Portable owner's contentment with the console.

Download desired game from an Internet game site onto your computer.

Connect the PSP to the computer using the USB cable. The memory stick needs to be in the console at the time of connection.

Copy the downloaded game files into the PSP game path on the removable drive. This puts the downloaded game onto the PSP memory stick.

Disconnect the PSP from the computer once the game has been fully transferred.

Look in the PSP main menu from the game folder. Scroll to "Game" and select the memory stick option. Press the "X" button to display the list of available games.

Select the downloaded game and begin playing.


When PSP is connected to the computer, the computer recognizes the PSP as a removable disk drive.

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