How to Open a Netflix Account

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Netflix allows members to rent movies online and have them shipped directly to their homes for a monthly fee. Follow these steps to open a Netflix account, then pop some popcorn and get ready to watch your favorite films in the comfort of your home.

Go to the Netflix website at netflix.com.

Browse through the site's titles to see what Netflix offers. This also gives you a feel for the site. Decide if the company offers the type of movies you're interested in renting.

Click the "Not a member" link under the "Sign in" option on the homepage.

Choose the "Start now" button to begin the membership process and open your account.

Enter your email address and zip code. Create a password with at least 6 letters. When ready, click the "Next" button.

Choose a membership plan. Choose the number of movies you can keep at one time and the total number of movies you want to receive each month. Click the "Continue" button after you have chosen your membership plan.

Type your shipping information in the spaces provided. Click "Continue."

Enter your billing information. A credit card is required to open an account. Netflix accepts debit cards issued from Visa, MasterCard and all major credit cards. Members are billed monthly through an automatic debit system.

Search through the move titles and click "Add" to send the movies to your rental queue. It is possible to add movies to your queue before their release date. When they are released, the film moves to the top of your queue.


On average, a movie rental takes three days to get to you from Netflix. Some rarer films may take longer because they ship from different Netflix centers around the United States. Gift certificates are available. You can watch movies on your computer through the Netflix site.

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