How to Play Ghost in the Graveyard

By James Holloway

Updated September 22, 2017

Once you've found the ghost, you're safe. Everyone else is in trouble, though.
i Ferenc Szelepcsenyi/iStock/Getty Images

Ghost in the Graveyard combines several of the best parts of kids' games. Not only does it have a hide and seek element, but there's also frantic running and chasing. To play the game, you'll need at least three players -- preferably more -- and a large playing area, preferably outdoors. If you're playing at night for maximum atmosphere, you'll need flashlights, glowsticks or similar light sources for the players.

Select your playing area. Make sure that it has a number of places for players to take cover. Point out the boundaries of the playing area to all players. Designate one location within the playing area as the base.

Select one player to be the ghost. While the other players cover their eyes and count, the ghost finds a hiding place. The number the players must count to will vary depending on the size of the playing area.

Spread out and search for the ghost. The player who finds the ghost must shout out "Ghost in the graveyard!"

Run for base. The ghost will pursue the fleeing seekers, trying to tag one of them. Tagging a player makes them the next ghost. If the ghost fails to tag a player, they remain the ghost for the next round.

Vary the rules to keep things interesting. In some versions of the game, the player who finds the ghost is immune to being tagged. Only the other players may be tagged. Alternatively, allow the ghost to tag other players even before being found, as long as she can do so without being spotted.


If you're playing at night, check the area for obstacles and tripping hazards before play starts.