How to Sync Your Phone With Your Computer Using a USB Cable

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • USB cable

  • Cell phone

  • Computer

Syncing your phone to your computer allows you to field calls, keep messages and coordinate your email and scheduling so you can keep all your communications coordinated. Follow these instructions to sync your phone with your computer using a USB cable.

Install the provided software. Your phone should come with the software needed to sync your phone with your computer. If not, go to your phone provider and ask where you can get it. Once you have it, download the program onto your computer.

Locate the "Sync Manager." Once installed, look for and select the "Sync" icon. Often the "Sync" icon is identified with your phone provider's logo. If you cannot find the icon on your desktop, use your computers search and type in "Sync."

Connect your phone. To start the Sync process, connect your phone to the computer's USB port using a USB cord. You may have to purchase a USB cord that fits your phone's USB port. Accessories can be purchased through the retailer you bought the phone through or online at (see Resources below).

Synchronize your phone with your computer. Once connected, the Sync process will automatically begin. Follow the prompts in order to sync your address book, contacts, date book or calendar and to-do lists. If the Sync process does not begin automatically, click on the "Sync" icon.


  • Never have your phone on when connecting it to the computer. Connect the phone first, and then turn it on. Check with your phone provider to make sure the Sync program is compatible with Windows Vista.

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