How to Replace an Ink Cartridge in an HP Inkjet Printer

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • HP inkjet printer

  • New or refilled ink cartridge

When it is time to replace an ink cartridge in your HP inkjet printer, you will receive a pop up message on your computer screen. Replacing an ink cartridge is just part of owning an inkjet printer, and a tradeoff with the high quality imaging you are able to achieve on an HP inkjet. It is not something a professional needs to do; just follow these simple instructions to complete the change and get right back to printing.

Allow your inkjet printer to run entirely out of ink. Unless the quality of your images is suffering, there is no problem with letting your ink run low.

Open the printer door. It should fold from the top down toward the tray. When it is open, it should expose the inner workings of the printer.

Press the change cartridge button. It is at the top of the printer next to the power button.

Pull on the green top of the inkjet ink cartridge and remove it up and out of its holder. Do this gently so the printer is not damaged in the process.

Recycle the empty inkjet cartridge or have it refilled at an ink refilling center.

Carefully remove the tape from the refilled or new inkjet ink cartridge and insert the cartridge in the same orientation as the one you removed.

Push on the green top until the cartridge snaps into place, press the cartridge change button and close the printer door.


If you can, have your cartridges refilled. It is cheaper and produces less waste. Dispose of empty cartridges at cartridge recycling centers or donate them to your local school. Take your time; it will be less messy that way.


Do not install a non-HP cartridge or a damaged HP cartridge.

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