How to Make Kimahri Useful in Final Fantasy X

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer for online play

  • Video game console

While all your characters can be flexible if you take them all the way around the Sphere Grid, Kimahri is the only character that begins with immense flexibility. Of course, this presents the player with a problem: What to do with him? Since he starts with little and literally can go anywhere, choosing a path for him represents a momentous decision.

Start with the basics. Kimahri begins the game in the center of the Sphere grid and does not have a designated "path" like the other players. He has a few Stat bonus nodes around the center, but nothing else. The only ability he begins with is "Lancet."

Decide what you want Kimahri to do. All it takes is a Level 1 Key Sphere (and maybe another Key Sphere, depending on whose grid you want him to follow), and Kimahri can become just like any other character. Do you want him strong like Auron? Fast like Tidus? A caster like Lulu or Yuna? Maybe a thief like Rikku? It is useful to have backups for all of these. You just have to decide which one best suits your playing style.

Leave Kimahri be if you want him to be the first to get Ultima. Because he starts right next to it, Kimahri is in the best position to obtain the powerful Ultima spell. Of course, leaving him in the same place for 75 percent of the game robs him of numerous spells and abilities, leaving him weak as a baby.

Take Kimahri down Auron's path for a more natural evolution. Kimahri's innate abilities tend to lean him more toward Auron anyway. He's not fast, but he is strong and his weapons are usually Piercing, like Auron's. He has much in common with Auron, so if you're stuck for a way to go, this is a safe bet.

Take Kimahri down Rikku's path if you're looking for more thieves and a faster character. Rikku is excellent at dodging attacks and of course robbing enemies. Having another character with Steal is handy, particularly since Kimahri is more robust than Rikku.

Remember to Lancet. This ability not only restores a little health and mana, it is Kimahri's method for obtaining new Overdrive attacks. There are two ways to learn new Lancet abilities: You can either Lancet everything you encounter, or you can continually Lancet the two Ronso you fight at Mt. Gagazet.

Say hi to Omega! Very late in the game, you may encounter the Omega Ruins. MAKE SURE you use Lancet on Omega himself. This is your ONLY chance to learn his "Nova" rage!