How to Determine the Cost of Dish Network Satellite TV

by ContributorUpdated September 15, 2017

Dish Network offers packages to suit all kinds of budgets. Read the steps below to gather information about the cost of various Dish Network programs.

Use the toll-free number 1-888-825-2557 to call Dish Network customer service and inquire about various programs along with their prices.

If you are comfortable browsing the Internet, you can also go to the company's Web site to find the cost of different deals (see Resources).

Check whether the equipment is free. Dish Network has various packages offering free equipment. However, these packages may require a minimum commitment.

Check if installation is free. As above, various packages offer free installation.

Dish Network offers base packages. Additional programming is also available, but at an extra cost. Identify suitable package and additional programming.

Dish Network supports its Web site exclusively for subscription related activities (see Resources). Go to their Web site and select Order to reach the online ordering form. An alternative way of accessing this form is to go to their Web site and select Get DISH >> Order Online from the navigation menu located below the company logo. The online ordering form takes prospective subscribers through the steps of subscribing to Dish Network programming. Use the first section-Select Room Configuration and programming--on this page to determine the estimated startup costs as well as monthly charges.

Read the instructions and select the appropriate options based on which start up and monthly rates are displayed in the box. See if you would like to subscribe to the service for 18 months. You can also select additional programming and compare one package with another.

Check if you need any additional equipment. Standard equipment, as mentioned above, may be available free. However, advanced equipment such as the Dish Network Plus DVR would cost extra.


The best deals are available on the Web. If possible, get the service online. Use the interactive Dish Builder feature on their Web site to determine the cost of buying a programming package and equipment suitable for you and your family.


When using the online ordering form to determine the estimated expense, provide personal and credit card information only if you want to subscribe to the selected service. Giving personal details without being sure of the selections will result in you receiving an undesired programming package. Before subscribing, read the fine print, especially that of the deals because they are typically associated with some conditions. For instance, packages offering free equipment may require you to sign up for a longer duration.

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